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When And Why To Update Your Renters Insurance by Joann Hicks

Posted by Jason Todd on January 27, 2013 at 8:42am 0 Comments




Every renter has responsibilities, including obtaining sufficient insurance. If you want to find rental insurance for a price that fits your budget, seek multiple rental insurance quotes online.

But a renter's…


Auto Insurance - Main Coverage options and explanation of coverages by A Sefiani

Posted by Jason Todd on January 26, 2013 at 7:39pm 0 Comments

Main Coverage options and explanation of coverages. Here's a basic and simple explanation of the main coverage options associated with auto insurance in California.

Liability Insurance

Liability basically covers what…


Long Term Care Insurance: Who to Trust? by Clay Cotton

Posted by Jason Todd on January 26, 2013 at 7:37pm 0 Comments

A contract is a contract, and a long term care insurance company has the right and responsibility to follow it's policy's wording to the letter. Buyers BEWARE! Companies can "interpret" vague wording in their favor. So, it's a very good idea to…


Hurricane insurance by David Mayer

Posted by Jason Todd on January 12, 2013 at 4:13pm 0 Comments

This year has shown many people who live inland just what it's like when a hurricane or tropical storm comes their way. Up to now, it's mostly been the folk living on the coasts that have had the joy of watching a hurricane dismantle their towns…


What is Hurricane Insurance by Troy Benning

Posted by Jason Todd on January 12, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered about hurricane insurance []? Do you essentially require…


Car insurance fraud protection by David Mayer in Insurance / Auto

Posted by Jason Todd on October 4, 2012 at 10:47pm 0 Comments

Facing a car insurance fraud even in the role of a victim means that you will have to pay. Your rates will go up because of an expensive claim, but you can risk your and your loved ones' lives too. That's why learning about insurance fraud…


Protect Your Reputation with Employers Liability Insurance by Paul Delaney

Posted by Jason Todd on October 2, 2012 at 9:19pm 0 Comments

Lawsuits of any kind can be very painful. It can affect a person financially, emotionally, and mentally, so if there are ways to prevent being entangled in such, then that would be great. Safety, however much observed, cannot always be…


Car insurance Mexican rental Free Assistive Information by Deepak Kulkarni

Posted by Jason Todd on September 30, 2012 at 1:43pm 0 Comments

If you are looking for information about car insurance Mexican rental, you will find the below related article very helpful. It provides a refreshing perspective that is very related to car insurance Mexican rental and in some manner related to…


Get A Quote

Request a quote for auto insurance, property insurance or any of your other insurance needs and an agent will reach out to you shortly.

Insurance news, articles and reviews to help you purchase insurance today. Get a quote to buy auto or home insurance today.

Insurance Innovators:

Startups want to change what you insure and how you insure it

Here are some of the areas new insurers are targeting (outside of healthcare, deemed too massive and politically in flux to address here).

Driving new auto policies

Standard auto insurance policies aren’t always the best fit for people who drive very little or who borrow a car for a short time. Startups are attempting to deliver to these and other use cases.

One of the most richly funded insurance startups over the past few years is Metromile, which insures based on how much customers drive. Rack up few miles, and pay little beyond a small monthly base rate. Drive more, and it goes up. U.K.-based Cuvva, meanwhile, has raised seed funding to build out insurance offerings for short-term use of a car, for people learning to drive and for people who drive very little.

Covering homeowners insurance

Startup home insurance providers are also stepping up to compete. The group includes two-year-old Lemonade, a provider of homeowners and renters insurance that uses AI to price policies, while pledging leftover premium money to charity. The New York-based company has raised $60 million from VCs, plus an April investment of undisclosed size from insurer Allianz.

Silicon Valley-based Hippo is also marketing itself as a new kind of homeowners insurance company, with policies that offer stronger protections for common valuables like home electronics. Another newcomer in the space, Utah-based Swyfft, which markets itself as a provider of speedy quotes at competitive prices, raised a $7.5 million Series A earlier this year.

For short-term rentals, meanwhile, Slice Labs is partitioning off a space. The two-year-old company offers policies for homeshare hosts to cover property theft, damage to electronics, bug infestations and other problems caused by bad guests. Slice’s longer-term goal seems to be to position itself as an insurer for the gig and sharing economy, and it’s also currently testing a new offering for rideshare drivers.



Home Protection

Started by K Gray. Last reply by Micah Milton Jun 17, 2013. 1 Reply

I just bought a home and don't have a lot of experience with how to maintain it.  Do you have any maintenance tips that will help protect my house from damage?Continue


Started by Sam novy Jul 15, 2012. 0 Replies

what I appreciate about my insurance provider is that we receive a discount for each year we've been with the agency without a claim. What a fantastic way to show theirvappreciation of our business. I wonder if all agencies now do this.

My agent...

Started by Jason Todd. Last reply by K Gray Jul 11, 2012. 1 Reply

Tell us about your agent and what makes them special.Continue

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Auto Insurance Innovations in 2017:

1. Allstate Quick Pay

Debits claims directly to your ATM / Banking Account (as opposed to hard checks)

2. Insurance Advice through Amazon Echo

Liberty Mutual (and Safeco) prepped Alexa to give basic insurance advice

3. Insurance Scores through "Say Insurance"

Provides insurance scores to insurers (like free credit scores) and improves insurance score with renewals

4. Car Insurance Lessons for High Schoolers

A class on insurance developed in PA has curriculum available countywide now

5. Smartphone driven Auto Insurance

Start with basic info, and let your driving with smartphone lead to a quote

6. FICO Safe Driving Score

FICO will track you and give you a score based on your driving


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